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Bonovo Provides Christmas Gift for the Customers Sitting in Other Countries

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Update time : 2021-12-20 15:51:24

The Christmas season is coming again and the New Year of 2022 is around the corner. For most companies, Christmas time is a season of higher sales and connections. Yes, that’s true. Our team also achieved high sales records during this Christmas season.
While at this Christmas time getting closer, what we want to do most is send our great appreciations to the customers who had ever or kept buying from Bonovo.  As we know a mixture of the Christmas spirit and the need to buy gifts for family and friends creates an excellent opportunity for relationship-building between businesses and customers. One of the best ways to connect to your customers with a personal touch is to send them Christmas cards and special gifts. This shows them they are appreciated and remembered for their faithful purchasing. It will also keep your company foremost in their minds when they decide what to purchase next time.

We, Bonovo Machinery established in 2006, started spreading Christmas cheer to customers all over the world in 2013. We really treasure our customers and we know relationships are crucial to customer loyalty and trust. Until now weve been sent Christmas card and gift for more than 7 years and the gifts range from traditional Chinese crafts, cultural items to industry gifts. Our customers are happy to receive those special gifts and wrote back to us to say a thank you. Those customers are really lovely, we are so grateful to hear that our gifts really brought them a wonderful moment with his/her parents, loved ones and even to their kids...
This year the business is tough with the combination of Covid worldwide spread and international logistic congestion, but we still managed to make a good breakthrough. Hereby, we would like to say a big thank youto Bonovo customers who are sitting in different countries, whether you are a big company or a small company, thank you guys, we expect more cooperation with you in 2022.Look! Lets check what we prepared for our loyal customers this year?

Among all kinds of Christmas cards, small crafts, I think the most special one is the famous book namedThirty-Six Stratagems which we specially customized for our customers with Chinese traditional silk instead of normal paper, every time you read this book you can feel the softness and smoothness of silk. Moreover, we found the origin of the intangible cultural heritage that Chinas Premier Xi Jinping had visited, and customized an anti-epidemic sachet for our customers. Wearing it on the body or in the car and at home can protect our customers from the virus infection. We hope our customers like these gifts and enjoy doing business with BONOVO.
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