7 Advantages of using mini excavators

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Update time : 2022-11-24 08:48:31

Small and compact, the demand for mini excavator has skyrocketed in the past decade. They might look tiny compared to their heavy duty big brother, but mini excavators can still pack a mean punch.


This piece of machinery has a compact body, and allows multiple attachments and bucket sizes. So with a versatile range of functions, mini excavators are favoured around up-and-coming areas where lighter equipment is needed for smaller earthwork jobs.


So what are their major selling points when looking for a mini excavator?


1. They're easy to use

You can learn to operate mini excavators in a matter of minutes. Almost anyone can use this piece of equipment and start immediately.


2. Nooks and crannies are not a problem

Compared to full-sized excavators, mini excavators can easily maneuver into tight spaces. Accessibility is a major selling point to contractors and operators alike. Just check out this mini excavator maneuver through a china shop - case in point.




3. They are quieter

Small machines produce less noise, especially when crossing hard surfaces and cement. Minimising the stress of noise complaints, mini excavators are a hot commodity throughout residential job sites.


4. They can be less damaging

With lighter equipment, you can avoid grinding or scraping the surface they operate on. The rubber tracks fitted to smaller machines also help load the machine for transport, reducing the risk of slips. Since mini excavators are easier to move around tight spaces, there's little need to tear down anything to accommodate the excavator.


5. They are easily transported

Transporting machinery from one place to another is one of the biggest concerns when hiring equipment. Bigger machines are harder to transport, not to mention it would cost extra to move them around. Mini excavators, or smaller machines in general are easier to transport since they will fit into a pickup truck's trailer or extended pickup beds.




6. Functionality is not limited

Mini excavators work similarly to full-sized excavators. Its size does not limit its functionality. Mini excavators still have the ability to swing 360 degrees, which means that you don't have to re-position dump trucks to adjust to the location of the excavator - the mini excavator will simply just swing to place a load onto the dump truck wherever it is positioned.


7. They can save you money

Mini excavators are relatively cheaper to hire compared to the full-sized excavator. Hauling larger machinery on the highway requires special permits, which costs extra money. Since mini excavators are small and compact, they're easily transported on a pickup truck trailer and you don't have to have a special hauling permit to transport them. Operators on a mini excavator don't need a commercial driver's license, unlike full-sized excavators. Saving money on special permits and licenses is a major bonus for any contractor.




It is a common perception that smaller machinery carry less power compared to their full-sized counterparts, but that is not necessarily true. Even though mini excavators are smaller and compact, their functions and capabilities are comparable to that of a full-sized excavator. Mini excavators are convenient to use in small or tight spaces, but can often keep up with bigger machinery on large-scale construction sites.


Whether it's for a simple digging project in your backyard or a long term project, mini excavators can do the job. If you are considering hiring a mini excavator for your next project, make sure you are aware of some of the factors that can affect pricing.


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